Wine Kiosks Coming to Supermarkets Everywhere But Center City

Photo: KYW

The PLCB has released a tentative list of the lucky supermarkets who will be getting one of those scandal-ridden automated wine kiosks built by big-time political contributors of Governor Rendell. While half of the 100 will be in Southeastern PA, guess how many will be in Philadelphia?

Two. And by Philadelphia, we mean a Pathmark in Chestnut Hill and an Acme in Northeast Philly. Too bad for you, brave citizens of the Center City heartland! You will still have to do your wine and food shopping separately, like we did during this recent snowstorm when we attempted to make beef stew and realized we did not have the requisite bottle of red wine required and neither did the supermarket around the corner. Of course, all of this could be solved by privatizing alcohol sales in Pennsylvania, but we know we’re preaching to the choir on this one.

Pa. LBC Names Potential Site for Proposed Wine Kiosks [KYW]