Will Tavern on the Green Move to Brooklyn?


With only a couple of weeks left to go before the New Year’s Eve swan song, it would seem that the sad and unusual legal saga of Tavern on the Green is coming to a close. In a profile about operator Jennifer LeRoy, who took control of the restaurant in 2001 when she was 21-years-old, Crain’s catches Tavern on the Green chief operating officer Michael Desiderio (the “pseudo LeRoy“) speculating about the restaurant’s future. “Maybe we’ll open a Tavern on the Green hotel or a Tavern on the Green [restaurant] in Brooklyn,” he said, presumably pending a decision about the restaurant’s trademarked name. Last week, the LeRoy family hired a consulting firm to pimp out the Tavern on the Green name as a possible franchise model, although a legal decision about trademark ownership has yet to be made.

Green Was Her Valley
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