When in Chicago, Thomas Keller and David Chang Go For Tacos

Big Star's tacos
Big Star’s tacos Photo: Grant Kessler

When Thomas Keller was in town last week to sign copies of Ad Hoc at Home, we kept waiting for reports to come in of his dinner at L2O, Avec, or — too obvious? — Alinea. Nope: he told a fan at his Oakbrook book signing that he and Grant Achatz were planning to go out for tacos. Big Star, maybe? After all, it’s got book-tour cred: that’s where New York chef David Chang, in town to promote Momofuku, told us he was headed on Friday night, when we ran into him during his appetite-whetting pre-dinner at Blackbird.

Update: Grant Achatz corrects us via email (though we were almost right): “We skipped tacos and went for a more quiet dinner at the Bristol. We were going to go to Big Star, because I have heard it’s great, but I wanted something a bit more relaxed and private so we could chat.”