What Was Your Best Meal of 2009?

Photo: iStockphoto

Sam Sifton compiles a list of the best dishes he ate this year, many of them swallowed as a civilian, before he became the Times restaurant critic. Some of his picks: fusilli with red-wine braised octopus and bone marrow at Marea; duck meatloaf at Buttermilk Channel; oyster pan-roast at the John Dory; and the classic bánh mì at Michael Huynh’s Baoguette. Our picks this year go to out-of-town dishes: barbecue nachos at Interstate Bar-B-Que and fried chicken from Gus’s, both in Memphis. Gus’s, especially, put our city’s own fried-chicken craze into proper perspective. What did you eat this year that’s still stuck in your craw? Share your memorable meals of 2009 in the comments.

Eleven Memorable Dishes [NYT]