Weston’s Best Chance for Fine Dining Dead in the Water

Abandon all fine dining hopes, ye who enter here.
Abandon all fine dining hopes, ye who enter here. Photo: Town of Weston

At a Monday Town Meeting,Weston voters rejected plans to open an upscale restaurant in the historic Josiah Smith Tavern and Barn, reports the Globe. Renovating the eighteenth century building would have cost at least $350,000 more than the $750,000 already spent on the project. All this raises an interesting question: why isn’t there a major fine dining scene in Weston?

It certainly seems like the town could support one: Weston is one of the hundred wealthiest towns in America, with a nice town center. Sure, Dairy Joy and Off Center are great, but there’s nothing higher end. Neighboring Lincoln is getting its first big-name restaurant with the forthcoming AKA Bistro from Clio and Uni vets Christian Touche and Chris Chung. Could Weston be next in line?

Weston Restaurant Plan Appears Defeated [Globe]

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