Water Pipe Bursts Outside of El Cid, Flooding Sunset and Customer Cars

Photo: El Cid

A burst water pipe outside of El Cid has flooded lanes on Sunset Blvd. and Myra Avenue, causing their partial closure, as well as flooding the cars of some Cid diners. The water main break occurred late last night and sent massive amounts of mud and water shooting down the restaurant’s parking lot, into the street, and below the Sunset overpass. About six cars were damaged in El Cid’s parking lot, with one unlucky customer finding six to ten inches of water inside of his, telling KABC, “I’m bailing it out with a Styrofoam cup I found.” Crews are currently working to repair the water main, open the closed streets, and return water service to El Cid and its neighbors.

Cars flooded by water main break in Los Feliz [KABC]