Was Last Night's Top Chef Loser Hampered by the Breakup Blues?


If you’re still wondering why Kevin seemed to be so deflated during last night’s finale (as commenter mrscooter put it, he “just froze like a deer in the headlights and let the brothers run him over”), he gives the Atlanta Journal Constitution a possible explanation during an interview: “I projected a lot of my anger and frustration onto Preeti, and she didn’t deserve it. For once in this entire competition, I let my emotions get the better of me. I know you know what was going on in my personal life. [Gillespie and his wife of 6 years had broken up just prior to the taping of the finale.]” To add insult to injury, he also vents to Creative Loafing about being told that he was not Top Chef: “I was embarrassed, and in many ways I felt disrespected. It hurt.” In happier news: Gillespie says he and his partners “have some restaurant projects in the works.”

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