Try Live Seafood for Less at Uo

Photo: Jenny Miller

“Hidden” sushi spot Uo is now serving “Tuesday Night Live” to adventurous diners on the LES. Chef David Bouhadana is offering customers the chance to eat live seafood without endangering their bank account. This week, Bouhadana served platters of sushi and sashimi made with live octopus, abalone, pen shell, scallop, orange clam, and surf clam (also available à la carte) for a reasonable $25 to $35. Prices — and the menu — will fluctuate based on market availability, though Bouhadana gets a volume discount. “I don’t need to charge 80 bucks,” he says. “Most of the time, it’s very expensive and not accessible. This is a great way to try it out.” If you’ve seen Oldboy a few too many times, Uo’s regular menu is available Tuesday nights, as well.