Those Darn Kids Take Over Le Cirque

Sirio Maccioni and Emeril Lagasse at the Food Allergy Ball.
Sirio Maccioni and Emeril Lagasse at the Food Allergy Ball.Photo: Patrick McMullan

Sirio Maccioni is less than enthusiastic about the Friday-evening fêtes that his son Mauro has been co-hosting with Morgan Miller at Le Cirque. “I try to get away as soon as possible,” he said at last night’s benefit for the Food Allergy Initiative. “We argued about the party dress code. I’m old, so I have better taste. Young people, they come so badly dressed!” (He did look dapper in his velvet double-breasted suit, with a rosebud corsage on his lapel.) “I hate the shoes. What do you call them? Sneakers!” He grimaced. “And even women sometimes! You see them on the avenues, and they come out of the office and they put on these shoes — sneakers!” Maccioni was not done yet. “Another thing that I hate — young people, they walk around with their bottled water,” he complained. “Ten years ago, nobody did that! Now everyone with their bottled water.” He mimed someone glugging water. “Bah! It’s disgusting.”