The Glorious History of Great Lakes Lawsuits; Paula Deen Caters Jonas Brothers Wedding


• Asian Carp is nothing new: the Great Lakes states have been suing each other over lake-related matters for nearly a century. [Vocalo]

• Police warn that a rash of restaurant burglaries has been going on since August. [Tribune]

• Illinois prisoners are suing the Illinois Department of Corrections over a diet they claim is harmfully high in soy products. [Trib via Chicagoist]

• Paula Deen created the rehearsal dinner afterparty menu for Kevin Jonas’ wedding. [NYP]

• Bruce Willis will acquire 3.3 percent of vodka company Belvedere, but will not serve on the company’s board. [WSJ]

Ad Hoc at Home is sold out on both Amazon and Barnes & Noble online until next year. [Eat Me Daily]

• Kim Kardashian is following in the footsteps of Padma Lakshmi and Paris Hilton by starring in sexually charged ads for Carl’s Jr, but unlike the burger commercials of her predecessors, Kim’s ads shill salads. [Eat Me Daily]

• A Chinese man has been sentenced to twelve years in jail for killing and eating what may have been the last wild Indochinese tiger in China. [Reuters]

• American catfish farmers are lobbying the USDA to enforce strict safety rules on Vietnamese catfish, but to do so, they have to reverse their earlier stance that Vietnamese catfish aren’t catfish. [WSJ]

• Jamie Oliver has been awarded a 2010 TED Prize for his work fighting obesity. [PR Newswire]