Tax Man Seizes (Not-So-)Permanent Brunch

Photo: Annie Wang

Permanent Brunch’s opening was as rocky as they come. Originally slated for the fall of last year, it lost chef Colin Alevras to DBGB, and owing to construction snafus didn’t open until this July. Now four months later it has apparently been seized by the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance for nonpayment of taxes, from the looks of the dreaded orange sticker spotted by a tipster. We’ve left a message with owner Lesly Bernard to find out what’s up (and how this will affect the long-delayed opening of Village Tart), but as things now stand, it looks like consulting chef Meg Grace picked a good time to start brunch at the Redhead.

Update: Permanent Brunch Bounces Back From Tax Snafu With… Burgers!