Tar Pit, Bastide, and Grill ‘Em All Grand-Open This Week

The Tar Pit will ball-gag a Tiki
The Tar Pit will ball-gag a Tiki

What an exciting week of openings ahead, with a few well-anticipated doors finally flinging wide. This Thursday, Mark Peel’s Tar Pit, which promises to do both L.A.’s cocktail history and current cocktail moment “right,” holds a grand-opening soiree, to be followed by an official opening to La Brea-at-large this Friday.

Today, Assouline Books opened house to its new digs inside of a refitted Bastide on Melrose Pl. L.A. Weekly says Bastide itself will follow suit in an opening tomorrow, with breakfast and lunch service beginning, but dinner coming in January. They also clue us into the expansion of Samosa House, which has a newly opened location skirting the border of Culver City.

Grill ‘Em All, the headbanging burger bros, are unleashing their truck officially this Saturday with a public party. Though the dudes didn’t take our idea of serving “Dee Sliders” (they say they have a burger named for the Twisted Sister front man already), we’re still curious to see if Molly Hatchet burgers and “carcass veggie burgers” will having us running with the devil, or running for the hills. Catch them on the 19th at 8 p.m., hanging around 1640 North Spring Street at the opening of Family Industries. Grill ‘Em All now has a full website, too.

In El Sereno, Xocólatl Cacao grand-opened this Saturday on Huntington Drive North, with a few hundred supporters rallying for one of the street’s only coffee shops. Founded by Semillas Community Schools, the café serves hot coffee and chocolate drinks steeped heavily in Aztec lore, with Nahuatl names like an “Iztaccihuatl,” for an espresso with steamed milk and foam. The coffee is sourced from Mayan farmers in Chiapas and The L.A. Times reports that Xocolatl was created to ease the panic that budget cuts have threatened this charter school organization with. With about half the staff coming from students’ families, the shop strives to provide a positive effect on the community. Xocolatl is open all week from 6:30 a.m. through the evening at 4987 Huntington Drive North, El Sereno.

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