Sunnin Finally Occupies New Home

Photo: Sunnin

Sunnin (finally) opened sesame on its fancy new digs, just a few steps across Westwood Blvd. from where it once leaned-to. Yes, a drawing of the former space can be found under the definition of hole-in-the-wall and meals were more often than not conducted with some co-ed in your lap sputtering about the media and the message and something else. The new space could not be more different, with pillows resting on wide booths and an atmosphere more conducive to family-style meals than hyper-cheap dates. The food is mostly unchanged, though a manager tell us they’re proud of a new “eggplant delight and lamb kebabs” that come from the South Bay locale. While we’re perplexed to hear Sunnin never had lamb kebab, we await to see if the famous food remains the same at its brand new home. 1776 Westwood Blvd.