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Subway: The Newest Reason to Hold Your Nose on the Bowery

Subway: The Newest Reason to Hold Your Nose on the Bowery

Photo: Daniel Maurer

When avant-garde music store Downtown Music Gallery announced it was leaving its location at 342 Bowery, it posted a sign referring to the Bowery of old (CBGB, in particular): “There is, unfortunately, nothing to look at anymore except high-end clothing stores that none of us can afford.” So who’s now moving into 342 Bowery, right across from Taavo Somer's planned diner? Why, a Subway, of course!

Hey at least $5 Footlongs are affordable, but you have to imagine the owner of Downtown Music walking into McGurk’s Suicide Hall for a carbolic-acid cocktail upon hearing this news … if anything like McGurk’s still existed. Meanwhile, around the corner, Great Jones Café is still down owing to a kitchen fire and estimates it will be open during the third week of December.

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