Suaya Sells Bar Delux to Concentrate on Surly Goat and Osaka

Mojito at Boho
Mojito at Boho Photo: Boho

We received word from the reps of Adolfo Suaya, co-owner of Andre Guerrero’s BoHo and the restaurateur partially responsible for Dolce, The Lodge, and Geisha House, that he has sold his Hollywood nightclub Bar Delux for “around $750,000” to London’s Alex Levin. Suaya topped off his run at Delux with a one-year anniversary party last Friday attended by Rihanna, The Kardashian girls, and Paris Hilton and is now managing Boho in-house. Levin, whose Twitter page appears to suggest he stopped smoking “dope” on November 3rd, is currently running Bar Delux as is, but will turn it into a new restaurant and lounge sometime next February. Meanwhile, Suaya is putting his efforts towards his hotel in Uruguay, plus plans to open the Surly Goat (with the owners of Verdugo Bar) and Osaka Peruvian Sushi, both scheduled for this month.