Steve Lewis Makes Up With ‘Lying Punk’ Todd English, Spreads Yet More Beatrice Rumors


Speaking of Steve Lewis, he tells BlackBook readers that he’s made up with Todd English and mended their very public rift over a scuttled project at 98 Kenmare (Lewis called English a “two-bit, lying punk”; English declined to respond to “insane ramblings made by ex-convicts”). Of course, the venue ended up housing Civetta, and this is what’s interesting: Lewis hears that Paul Sevigny (currently next-to-last in the running for Gawker’s Hipster of the Decade) might not be doing the relaunch of Civetta with Nur Khan after all, squashing theories that Sevigny would be involved with that venue while also reviving the Beatrice. Okay, enough for now.

Todd English and I Kiss and Make Up [BlackBook]