Stephen Starr to Open Vietnamese Restaurant?

Photo: Patrick McMullan

Is Stephen Starr planning a third New York restaurant? The Philadelphia-based restaurateur, who transported his mega-restaurants Buddakan and Morimoto from Philly to Chelsea, tweeted on Friday that “Plans for a new Starr space in NYC are in motion. Creating Vietnamese menu and looking for chefs.” Starr confirmed to the Inquirer that he’s in negotiations with an unnamed New York hotel, but “cautioned plans were preliminary because the lease was not signed.” Which makes one ask, why tweet about it? This isn’t the first time Starr’s looked into a New York hotel: He was previously in talks to take over the space in the Gramercy Park Hotel that is now Maialino.

Starr's premature Twitter?
Starr’s premature Twitter?

Starr’s Vietnamese Plan in New York [Inquirer]