Old-School Sourdough Fading From Use

Photo: driawolf/Flickr

From the terrifying-problems-we-didn’t-know-existed file: It appears the dense, fragrant, extra-sour old-school sourdough bread is getting nearly impossible to find in the Bay Area. In fact, a recent thread on Chowhound came up with only a couple options outside the specially made Boudin that they sell at places like Tadich Grill. To add to the feeling of desperation about the disappearance of bakeries like Parisian, Chowhound rworange points out that the best loaf available for retail sale is at Bread Garden, which is in imminent danger of closing. Rumor has it the place will stay open til the end of the year at least, so you’ve got a little more than three weeks to get by there for a taste.

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