Sixpoint Grand Crüe Release Party at DBGB Tonight

Photo: Courtesy of Sixpoint Craft Ales

While you can slurp Sixpoint’s smooth, citrusy Sweet Action or spicy Righteous Rye ale at better alehouses around town, you must beeline to the Bowery to sample the Red Hook brewer’s latest nectar. This eve at DBGB Kitchen & Bar at 5 p.m., the Sixpoint crew will unveil the Belgian-style Grand Crüe, a mad-scientist impulse made real.

A proprietary grain bill was fermented with Belgian beet-rock candi, then inoculated with a quartet of yeast strains that devoured the fermentable sugars like Pac-Man to pellets. The potion was bottled back in February 2007 and aged for nearly three years, resulting in a sublime, wine-strength (12.4 percent ABV) knockout. Just 20 cases of Grand Crüe were concocted, and they’re only available at Daniel Boulud’s downtown haunt. (A ten-ounce pour costs $12.) In addition to Grand Crüe, tonight’s bash features an additional half-dozen Sixpoint concoctions (including the rare Bolshoi Russian imperial stout), paired with DBGB’s snappy, flavorful sausages and dessert. Decadent? Darn straight. Thankfully, New Year’s resolutions don’t apply till Saturday.