Santa Monica Restaurants Asked To Turn In Their Fats

Photo: iStock Photo

Residents of Santa Monica have long championed sustainable produce and recycling, plus lead the attack on plastic grocery bags. Now it’s time for the city’s restaurants to get in on the eco-act. Santa Monica is launching a program to recycle cooking grease, oils, and fat from Downtown restaurants and turn it into bio-fuel. This doesn’t involve a roving truck, but a scattering of drop-off containers in the parking structures along the 3rd Street Promenade, reports The L.A. Times. Santa Monica home cooks who want to join in have a facility at 2500 Michigan Ave. as well. L.A. might be far from San Francisco when it comes to cleaning up our act, but as Santa Monica often leads the charge on these issues, don’t be surprised if you soon spot Adam Fleischman strolling Hollywood Blvd. with a bucket of grease.

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