Wine Enthusiast Picks Cambria’s Pinot as 2009’s Top Wine

Photo: Cambria

Wine Enthusiast rolled out its annual list of Top 100 Wines this month and taking the entire planet into account picked one of our neighbors for the number one spot. 2006 Julia’s Vineyard Pinot Noir from Santa Maria’s Cambria was named #1 Wine of 2009 by a collection of the magazine’s editors and in a short synopsis was called “the best pinot noir at this price on the market. Easily.” The vintage was named after the Banke Family’s daughter (the proprietors are also known for a chardonnay named for younger Katherine) and is available for only $21 a bottle, while their pick for number two will cost you $80.

Top 100: Our editors name their top wines of 2009 PDF [Wine Enthusiast]