S. Irene Virbila Slams Fabio Viviani’s Osteria; Gold Offers Jar for Best Brunch

Fabio Viviani
Fabio Viviani

S. Irene Virbila labels Osteria Firenze “Italian Food for Dummies,” at one point asking where the flying fagioli Fabio is at? “Somewhere in the Midwest,” she’s told, which at least keeps him from kissing everybody all the time. A rare ZERO starred-slam. Ooch! [L.A. Times]

None of the fervor surrounding Ludo Lefebvre “would matter if he couldn’t cook, but he can, brilliantly,” says J. Gold. [L.A. Weekly]

Niwattori “may be the most chicken-obsessed Japanese restaurant in the area,” offers Merril Shindler, who even finds the rare raw chicken sushi. [Daily Breeze]

Though it doesn’t compare with the days when Splichal cooked, Brad A. Johnson has “not witnessed energy like this at Patina since the restaurant moved.” [Angeleno]

While one should consider the chilaquiles at Casita Mexicana for the town’s best brunch, J. Gold recommends Suzanne Tracht’s Jar for those seeking to make it rain and Bell-phobes. [L.A. Weekly]

“The king of Mexican sandwiches is the mighty torta ahogada,” says Jonathan Gold before pointing to the Tortas Ahogadas Las Originales chain for beginners, La Chiva Loca for the most authentic (we’ll tip our hats to a great name), and Chago Ahogadas on Whittier for the best. [L.A. Weekly]

Even if the pork soup dumplings “can’t touch anything at Din Tai Fung,” Los Angeles appears to like the flash and sizzle of Philippe. [Los Angeles]