Roni-Sue Kave, LaFrieda Meats Get Edible Treatment


The new issue of Edible Manhattan is online (though not yet on the streets), and there’s a gorgeous shot of midtown’s filthiest establishment, the Subway Inn. Gabriella Gershenson writes about Grub Street–favorite Roni-Sue Kave: The chocolatier’s first visit to the Essex Street Market was only three years ago when she was doing research for her sociology degree. Josh Ozersky profiles LaFrieda Meats, and pens this priceless sentence: “[Mark] Pastore, a mirthful but vaguely sinister-looking fellow with a rich fund of aphorisms, is shown in various comic or triumphant poses with every important chef, restaurateur and food writer in the business: Mario Batali, Danny Meyer, Steve Hanson, Jeffrey Chodorow, Laurent Tourondel, Michael White and Chris Cannon, Rachael Ray, Jeffrey Steingarten, Ben Leventhal from Eater, myself, Frank Bruni, Katie Lee Joel.” (Emphasis added.)