Restaurants Turn to Bartering; Wine Sales Up


Some restaurants are making a return to bartering, trading food for services like pest control. [WSJ]

Wine sales in 2009 are expected to be higher than in 2008. [Reuters]

Julia Stewart, CEO of Applebee's parent company, is trying to revitalize the chain as she did for IHOP. [Forbes]

Lingering devastation from last year's Hurricane Ike means this could be the last season for Galveston Bay's oystermen. [NYT]

"Seamless web," "hale and heardy," and "shake shack" are all among the top-ten Google searches in New York City. [Google via Eater NY]

An Upper East Side Mister Softee will be known as Mister Soup for the winter. [Fork in the Road/VV]