Reed’s Hopes to Tackle Autism and Cancer with New Ginger Creations

Photo: Reed’s Inc.

Reed’s Inc., the L.A.-based owners of all-natural Virgil’s Root Beer and brewers of eye-popping concoctions of real ginger beer, are promising to make ginger-based therapeutics that compete with over-the-counter pharmacy treatments. Chris Reed, the company’s founder and CEO, tells MarketWire that he’s been asked to develop new products for a specific (though unnamed) drug store chain as his customers have often reported the brews’ success in combating maladies as common as motion and morning sickness, to harder-to-digest claims of a therapy for autism.

Reed has a background in Eastern herbal medicine and feels ginger can “treat post-chemo nausea and combat cancer cells,” among other health benefits. The new products are centered on Reed’s ginger brand and will bear a “R(x)eed” label in a clever nod to fading pharmacy signs. We’re hoping that it’s more than snake oil and ginger cough-drops coming from Reed’s direction, and judging from their highly drinkable output in the past, feel encouraged they will not put out junk. Only time, and the volume of that hacking cough, will tell.

Ginger Ale to Compete With Over the Counter Drugs
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