Bottomless Bubbly Promised by Pourtal for $20.10, Plus How to Stay Off the-Road This NYE

Pourtal promises no glass will ever be empty
Pourtal promises no glass will ever be empty Photo: iStock Photo

Looking to drink a ton of champagne this New Year’s Eve, but hoping to greet the next decade with your wallet intact? Pourtal in Santa Monica is having a “Bottomless Bubbly” shindig for only $20.10, and claim a glass “will never ever be empty” from 9 p.m.-to-midnight. There’s no mention of what happens if a glass does go unfilled, so we’ll leave that up to guests’ imagination and sense of injustice if such a travesty occurs. The selections will be Marquis de Perlade Blanc de Blanc, Pierre Sparr Rose, or you can order a Kir Royale. Or you can totally go for all three, just not at the same exact instant, if your pride will bear it.

With your extra loot, you can call Y Drive, a service introduced in September looking to thrive where Home James failed. For $45 within Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Hollywood Hills, Studio City, and Sherman Oaks, Y Drive will send an actual live person via moped to drive your car home with you in it. They’ll even drop a friend off close by for an extra five bucks. Prices change outside of the afore-mentioned zones, but they say “there is no limit where Y Drive LA will take you.” Really, anywhere? You’re going to drive your scooter down any street in L.A. at any hour? Say goodbye to that scooter, dudes, but thanks for the ride. Teasing aside, do not drink and drive. Y Drive can be reached at 888-401-DUI7.