Pop Open a Can of Refreshing ‘Marijuana’

Photo: Allison Inge/Courtesy of Mary Jane’s Soda

“Dude, Red Bull is so 2008. Why speed up, when you can slow down?” This is how we imagine scenes at 7-Elevens across Southern California that are selling the bulk of a new anti-energy drink called Mary Jane’s Relaxing Soda. Maybe our vision of SoCal is very 1990, but the region accounts for 70 percent of sales for the product created by an out-of-work supplement-developer in Denver last year, according to the L.A. Times. While there is no marijuana in the beverage, the company’s website claims that the South Pacific root Kava and other herbs in it will calm you without the side effects of traditional mood enhancers: “Drowsiness, ‘beer goggles’, tough-guy syndrome, or hangovers … laziness, 2 am pizza runs, black light posters, or handcuffs.” Still, we don’t recommend you mix the stuff with the latest upper, coca-leaf liquor.

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