Are the Shamrocking Days Done at Patrick’s Roadhouse?

Photo: iStockPhoto

Patrick’s Roadhouse, the jolly-green seaside breakfast, burger, and boozer, was served with a 30-day notice to vacate last month, reports the L.A. Times, potentially killing the haunt once frequented by Lucille Ball, Johnny Carson, Sean Penn, and as we recently learned, a few ghosts of days departed. If that’s not enough to bum you out, the classic has generated believably more frightening rumors that it could become a “Starbucks, a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, or a bar.” Anthony Fischler inherited Patrick’s from his father, who called the burger at then-named Roy’s “the worst,” and when challenged to cook a better one, bought the place. He named it after one of his kids, who have spent years fighting over the restaurant’s management. While some regulars are crying out to save Patrick’s, others are going in to say goodbye for good.

Patrick’s Roadhouse’s days could be numbered
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