Noel Ashman’s New Club Will Be Soho House Meets Bungalow 8

Photo: Patrick McMullan

Hours before hosting the grand opening of Amnesia tonight, Noel Ashman confirms that he isnt an investor in the venue (Manhattans first big club in recent memory). He says his new project, a much smaller bote, is poised to open in the very near future, and 5060 percent of its clientele will consist of handpicked, paying members. Itll be sort of a mix between Soho House and a Veruka and Bungalow 8, says Ashman. Nightlife has gotten so inundated that most of my clientele wants something thats a little more private, where they feel more protected. Well let you know when the club has a name for now, all we know is that it will be downtown.