Nello Balan Sued Over Tips; Venison Recipes From Brennan, Flay

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• The same lawyer who won a multimillion-dollar settlement for Sparks steakhouse over a tip-skimming case is now suing Nello Balan for a similar claim. [NYP]

• Terrance Brennan, Bobby Flay, and John DeLucie created venison recipes for Field & Stream. [Field & Stream]

• Donald Trump will open a lounge named Bazaar at the Trump Soho Hotel Condominium. [Villager]

• A developer is suing the founder of Subway restaurants for $5 billion, claiming that he pushed him out of a project to build an "eco-sustainable city" in Florida. [AP via Google]

• Kraft had posted its $16.3 billion takeover bid directly to Cadbury shareholders. [ABC]