Los Angeles Crushes Aaron Sanchez’ Stereotypes

Sanchez Photo: Scaredy_Kat via Flickr

Chefs vs. City star-chef Aaron Sanchez has a new outlook on The City of Angels that might have even inspired his next venture. The NYC restaurateur reveals many things he’s learned on the road with Yum Sugar, and while predicting (in his words, Kogi truck, not our’s) that “ethnic restaurants” will blossom in 2010, he is asked which food city surprised him most while shooting. “Los Angeles,” Sanchez says, “people understand it to be a glitzy, health-conscious place that’s spread out. I was really surprised by how many different kinds of meals you can seek out.” Sanchez relates that his next project will be an “interpretation of the best tacos from all over Mexico.”

Chef Aaron Sanchez on TV, Tacos, and What’ll Be Big in 2010 [Yum Sugar]