¡La Crêpe Parisienne Mysteriously Changes Name!

Photo: Daniel Maurer

Something’s up at La Crêpe Parisienne. Yesterday when we dropped into the Nolita crêperie (which you’ll remember is the first U.S. outpost of a Mexican chain), all instances of the word “Parisienne” had been obscured, as you can see from this crêpe holder. A counterperson told us they’re changing their name to ¡Vive Les Crêpes! (that’s what’s now written on the holders), but today another counterperson, after asking his colleague, “What’s the new name for the restaurant?” told us it hasn’t been decided. We’ve left a message with the owner to find out whether something like a cease and desist is in play. For now, you can refer to the shop as “that cute little crêpe place.”