Jonathan Gold and Mark Peel Say Evan Has Their Ears

Photo: KCRW

When Evan Kleiman speaks, everybody listens. We’re not just referring to the audience for Good Food, but to the heavies of L.A.’s food scene who say that the Silver Lake native is its most influential figure. As Jonathan Gold puts it to The L.A. Times, “Everyone is willing to do what she wants at the drop of the hat, including me.” Chef Mark Peel agrees, “When Evan calls, I answer.” Despite the power Kleiman has accumulated, the “painfully shy” chef whose fridge was recently held together with a bungee cord is happiest serving the community rather than dictating to it. “I love cooking…I don’t like being a manager,” Kleiman says, “It took a long time to let go of the desire for a dynasty.”

Evan Kleiman: Mover and Stirrer on the L.A. Food Scene [L.A. Times]