Jamie Oliver Wins Coveted Super-Genius Award

Photo: Guardian

Jamie Oliver may be in hot water with the Village People, but he’s thoroughly in the good graces of TED, the nonprofit that conscripts industry heavyweights and genius-types to give the eighteen-minute lectures of their lives at conferences you can’t afford to attend (you can, however, watch talks by Jennifer 8. Lee, Dan Barber, Mark Bittman, and Ann Cooper on the net). Impressed by his fight against obesity and junk food, the organization has awarded the boy-chef their coveted TED Prize, meaning that he gets $100,000 and the opportunity to make “a wish to change the world” during a speech on February 10. According to the press release, the Naked Chef has sold a mind-boggling 24 million copies of his cookbooks in 56 countries. His new show, Food Revolution USA, comes to ABC next year.