Is Table 8 Closer to Closing?

Photo: Hannah Whitaker/New York Magazine

Armed with completely vague intel that Scarpetta chef Scott Conant is “eying the space and could be close to signing a deal,” “Page Six” today gets in on the rumor that West Coast chef Govind Armstrong will soon back away from his kitchen at Table 8 in the Cooper Square Hotel. First hinted at by Eater in November, the changing of the guard seems entirely possible, following a string of lackluster reviews — Adam Platt was irked by a clumsy, bridge-and-tunnel-esque ambiance seemingly “designed by out-of-towners to give their out-of-town guests (including those from Long Island and New Jersey) the illusion that they’re actually dining in New York.” In October, co-owner Josh Woodward was questioned by L.A. police in connection with the death of an unborn baby and was later released. There’s also been a (literal) airing of dirty laundry by the hotel’s tenement neighbors, a protest against guests’ noisy, late-night parties.

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