Bloody Bulls, Bitters, and Bong Hits: L.A. Bartenders Cure Your Holiday Hangovers

Photo: Sauce Supreme via Flickr

We all have different ways to cope with the holidays and ring in the New Year. Enabling you to eat and drink your way through it all, we’re also providing a dash of atonement with our guide to hangover cures, as concocted or hazily recalled by a handful of your favorite city bartenders from Footsie’s to Chez Jay. Use with caution and have happy holidays and a wonderful New Year. Grub Street L.A. will be back on January 4th.

Chod McClintock, Footsie’s
“My personal remedy is a Coke in a can, a bong hit, and 800 ml. of ibuprofren. “

Marlene Hopkins, Del’s Saloon
“I haven’t heard of anything really…except a Bloody Mary.”

Bill Roller, King Eddy’s Saloon
“I say the drink that burned you the night before. But we do have a drink for hangovers: a half-a-shot of bourbon, bitters, hot sauce, and horseradish. We could call it the cure, but it could cure ‘ya…or kill ‘ya.”

Jane Estrada, The Speakeasy

“Oh, I don’t know. I don’t get hangovers anymore. It’s the hair of the dog for most of my customers.”

Laura Tenner, Ye Rustic Inn
“Definitely greasy bar food! An omelet with really greasy hash browns is my favorite. Plus, the hair of the dog. Hey, it works!

Mary Lueckemeyer, Chez Jay
“A bloody bull. Also, a michelada works well.”

Cathy Pellet, Cozy Inn
“Number One: A Bloody Mary…I can’t really think of the other one right now, but a Bloody Mary for sure.”

Bloody Bulls, Bitters, and Bong Hits: L.A. Bartenders Cure Your Holiday