Heeb Hosts ‘Strip Dreidel’ and Chinese Dinner Tonight

Ace Hotel, Palm Springs
Ace Hotel, Palm Springs Photo: Robert.Montalvo via Flickr

Were you naughty this year? Don’t do Christmas? Just stuck in the city without your family? Consider joining Heeb Magazine and a couple of its porn star pals tonight in Palm Springs for the SoCal debut of Heebonism, an annual Christmas Eve party that The Travel Channel dubbed, “one of the largest, glitziest, rowdiest and most untamed shindigs in the world.” Conquering Palm Springs’ Ace Hotel, Heeb’s only charging $18 for the party where some hipster DJs will spin, a funnyman will M.C., and two adult film stars will host “Strip Dreidel.” $36 buys Chinese dinner and entry, while $180 snags a hotel room at The Ace, along with a party ticket, and dinner. Festivities go from 8 p.m. to 3 a.m. tonight, but if you have your own room it doesn’t realistically need to end ‘til long after some stockings get filled with care. RSVP via email and make hotel reservations at 760-325-9900.