Gourmet, the Magazine of Good Collectors


As Condé Nast sells Gourmet’s collection of 3,500 cookbooks to NYU’s Fales Library — much to the delight of culinary researchers and those looking for a sense of justice for the defunct magazine’s legacy — the publisher is already marketing the magazine’s last issues as collectibles. Gourmet Magazine: The Final Year Collection is now available from the Condé Nast store for $100. That’s only $40 more than the regular newsstand price! Meanwhile, if you’re only interested in the final issue of the food magazine, single copies in mint condition are hovering around $15 on eBay. If you want our last Gourmet, however, you’ll have to pry it from our cold, dead hands. Or just make it $25. [Condé Nast Store via Elegant Variation]