Gordon Ramsay Stays Out of His Kitchens; $1 Breakfasts at McDonald’s


• While Gordon Ramsay takes drastic cost-cutting measures to prevent his restaurant empire from going bankrupt, he has no desire to get back into the kitchens and cook. [Bloomberg]

• In the early new year, McDonald’s will add breakfast items including sausage McMuffins, sausage biscuits, small coffees, and hash browns to the dollar menu. [AP]

• The recession has led to grocery stores lowering their prices while spending large amounts on advertising and promotion. [Chicago Tribune]

• Costco, which has locations in the U.K. and throughout Asia, saw improved profits in its latest quarter even in the face of deflating costs for food commodities. Maybe it’s the socks. [Market Watch]

• Neighbors of Biddy Early’s want the SLA to revoke its liquor license (recently renewed for two years) for drawing underage college kids with cheap beer and drinking games. [Downtown Express]

• A wiretap will be used as evidence against two people charged for attempting to bribe an SLA official to expedite a liquor license for Upper East Side Restaurant El Nido del Aguila. [NYP]

• The man who stabbed a teenager in 2006 for “cutting” in line at a midtown street cart claims it was self-defense. [NYP]