Ginger Park A Big Improvement; Myung Dong, Not So Much


Ginger Park gets two and a half stars from Devra First. Though the food can be inconsistent, unlike Banq, it’s “the kind of place you want to return to regularly.” [Globe]

• Mat Schaffer is similarly infatuated with Ginger Park, giving it a B. Though Patricia Yeo spends too much time schmoozing with patrons, the food is great: “misleadingly simple dishes composed of multiple elements, each of which asserts its individuality while contributing to the balance of the whole.” [Herald]

• Robert Nadeau has one star and faint praise for Allston’s Myung Dong 1st Avenue where, “while many items were lackluster, none of what we ordered was bad.” [Phoenix]

• Cheap Eats stops by House of Chang, which has brought new life to the old Lucky Garden spot. [Globe]

• MC Slim JB vouches for Indian Dhaba: “you won’t come to Indian Dhaba for the atmosphere, but for its fascinating access to byways of Indian cooking we still don’t see enough of in Boston.” [Phoenix]