Franklin Cafe Expanding to 1330 Boylston; Flash’s Team to Open Harry’s

1330 Boylston during construction
1330 Boylston during construction Photo: Adam BC06/Flickr

The mysterious gastropub slated for 1330 Boylston St. will be an offshoot of the super-popular Franklin Cafe called Citizen. According to the Boston Herald, the concept will be about the same. “It would be just a little less expensive,” Co-owner David Dubois told the paper. “We just didn’t want to use the name ‘Franklin’ again because we felt it would be diluting it.” Dubois is hoping for city backing to get the space open, but he’s gone ahead and filed permits to start work.

Meanwhile, we learned that the team behind Flash’s will open a new spot called Harry’s at Harrison Avenue and East Springfield Street in the South End. Named after Patricia Harrington and her sisters’ childhood home, the “back-to-basics” menu will feature sandwiches and other comfort food.

The Franklin to get new Citizen-ship
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