Drew Nieporent’s Sundays; Beekeeping Ban Could Be Lifted


• Drew Nieporent’s Sunday routine includes a morning sauna, followed by a Bloody Mary and a cigar. [NYT]

• The Board of Health proposed lifting a ban on beekeeping in the city, thanks in large part to the efforts of urban beekeepers. [City Room/NYT]

Freddy’s patrons chained themselves to the bar yesterday to protest the Atlantic Yards development. [NYP]

• Yao Ming is starring in Chinese PSAs encouraging people to stop eating shark-fin soup because of cruelty issues. [AP]

Momofuku Milk Bar is now shipping cookies and crack pie nationwide. [Serious Eats NY]

• A pregnant women died at the Metrotech Au Bon Pain, despite the presence of two EMTs buying their breakfast in the restaurant. [NYP]