Cuozzo Fears Loss of Tavern on the Green

Photo: Courtesy Tavern on the Green

Writing in the Post today that “an imperfect Tavern beats no Tavern at all,” Steve Cuozzo points out a number of issues with the city’s plan to turn over Tavern on the Green’s license to Dean Poll, operator of the Central Park Boathouse. Prospective renovations might take as long as four years to complete, an understated fact that signifies that entire portions (if not all) of the sprawling landmark restaurant would have to be closed off to diners and equally sprawling wedding parties. That is no way to treat a historical place, apparently, something we’d compare to draping Mount Rushmore with Tyvek for an extended sandblasting. Cuozzo also cites Poll’s ongoing negotiations with Local 6 as another impediment to a smooth transition, writing “[o]nly direct, forceful intervention by Mayor Bloomberg might break the impasse.” Maybe the mayor can do something about the Tavern’s trademarked name issues as well.

Tavern’s goose may be cooked! [NYP]