Curse of the Tropics: Cops Assaulted Outside of Tropix Bar & Lounge

Tropical gets its booze back.
Tropical gets its booze back. Photo: Daniel Maurer

As we recently pointed out, many a bar with a tropical theme or name has been disciplined by the State Liquor Authority: Tropical Nights, Toucan’s Tropical Bar, Cancun Bar, Fiesta Cancun, and Acapulco among them. Our theory that the sketchiest bars tend to have the cheesiest names seemed to be bolstered when Tropical went dry (dry as the desert!), though the truth is, the Nolita pool hall is pretty harmless and is now serving wine coolers again. But now this: The Daily News reports that five off-duty cops were beaten by assailants that are still at large after a 4 a.m. argument at a Rego Park nightclub called — you guessed it— Tropix Bar & Lounge. Just sayin’.

Off-duty cops assaulted in Rego Park after holiday bash; suspects still at large [NYDN]