Contaminated and Expired Ingredients at Bouley, Mouse Droppings at Market

Photo: Andrew Karcie

Earlier this week we reported that Bouley Market was docked a sizable 80 points during a recent Health Department inspection (Bouley, meanwhile, received 50 points). Diner’s Journal now reports that Bouley Market was reinspected on Monday and again docked 80 points, meaning both venues will have to be inspected yet again. At Bouley Market, inspectors found “approximately 60 mouse excreta observed on floor inside the main frame electrical room, located in the rear of the pastry area, in the basement” (a problem Bouley says might have been because of work on a water main, which has now been repaired); “9 live house flies” on the premises; spilled flour “contaminated by 1 live bug in a storage container.”

At Bouley, meanwhile, inspectors shut down the sous-vide program because they say it didn’t have the necessary paperwork, and also found “3 quart containers of G.A.F. Seeling Cultured Reduced Fat Buttermilk observed with an expiration date of 11/12/09,” “3 quart containers of G.A.F. Seeling whole milk observed with an expiration date of 11/21/09,” “approximately 50 pound(s) of ice for customer consumption observed to be contaminated by mold growth in the water compartement [sic] of the ice machine,” and “one partially used bottle of ready-to-drink Cinzano Extra Dry Vermouth observed to be contaminated by fruit flies.” Bouley tells Diner’s Journal that the fly problem is caused by the 300 strollers that are wheeled into the market every day (it is Tribeca!) and says he’s working to fix that and other issues.

Bouley and the Health Department [Diner’s Journal/NYT]
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