Chase Harlem ‘Shot’ With Bronx Beer


If you find yourself clutching an empty plastic cup containing the dregs of the new “shot drink” Harlem and you’re looking for a serious craft-beer chaser, fear not: You’ll soon be able to score neighborhood proximity points from the Bronx Brewery. The company was founded earlier this fall by entrepreneurs (and borough natives) Stephen O’Sullivan and Niall Henry. Head brewer Damian Brown graduated from Yale, but rebelled against his political-science degree by attending the U.C. Davis Master Brewers’ Program and spent some time “researching” in the U.K.

Bronx Brewery is now in research-and-development mode, but looking to plant its roots in the South Bronx at the beginning of next year and get straight to work on 30 barrel batches, plus a couple of cask ales. Expect serious beers with neighborhood-themed names like Woodlawn Wheat Ale and Fordham Flash Stout. Paired with the arrival of Bronx Ale House — a restaurant with fifteen taps that opened last summer on a patch of West 238th Street better known for endless nail salons and takeout spots festooned with bulletproof windows — this could mean that the next hot spot for craft beer is in the Boogie Down.