Buy PBR (As In, the Whole Company) for $1


A Fortune item about the popularity of PBR is a lot like the one AdAge published back in September, except it points out that the company (which outsources its brewing to plants belonging to the likes of MillerCoors) is up for sale, and points to a site, where “anyone over 21 can go to the site and pledge a minimum of $5 toward the reported $300 million sales price for Pabst. So far, would-be beer moguls have pledged more than $20 million in about a month. If the collective raises enough money, [Forza Migliozzi and the Ad Store (the advertising and brand-content management companies running the campaign)] say contributors will get enough beer to match their pledges and ownership in the company.” If only they had thought of this before Bud was sold to the Brazilians.

Let’s Hear It for Hipster Beer [CNN]