Bobby Flay Thought to Be Building on Native-American Burial Site

Photo: Getty Images

A while back, we heard a rumor that the man who sold Bobby Flay a $1.485 million tract of land in Amagansett wasn’t happy with him because he was building his new house on what was believed to be a Native-American burial site. Flay told us the man’s claim was bogus, and assured us he had taken every necessary measure to make sure the land was okay to build on (he pointed out that he and his wife, Stephanie March, care about these issues, and are making their home green). Now Newsday reports that Flay’s realtor is suing — he claims he lost his job after Flay complained to his boss about his offer to give him a tour of the supposed “colonial and Indian relics.” “I’m sure you wouldn’t want to disturb Montaukett grave sites,” wrote the realtor in a letter, “So I’d be happy to show you where they are and share some of the history of your land.” Hey, who can blame the guy for probably hoping for grilling tips in return?

Hamptons real estate agent sues Bobby Flay over firing [Newsday]