Also, Domino’s Has Released an ‘Avoid the Noid’ T-Shirt and It Is $19.99

Photo: Courtesy of Domino’s

It’s not quite as amazing as the White Castle Snuggie, but it’s worth noting that, somewhat like Chili’s reviving its “Baby Back Ribs” jingle, Domino’s is hearkening back to a more simple, innocent time (namely, the eighties) by releasing limited-edition “Avoid the Noid” T-shirts. The bunny-eared pizza pounder is perhaps the most palatable thing that Domino’s ever produced, but its comeback is strictly for charity. Profits from the 1,000 shirts (which you can purchase online for $19.99) go to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. With the Taco Bell chihuahua dead, the question now becomes: Will Quiznos bring back the spongmonkeys? Will Budweiser bring back the penguins, or the lizards, or the frogs?