Alinea’s All-In-One Christmas Tree and Christmas Dinner

The whole season in just one bite.
The whole season in just one bite. Photo: Christian Seel/Alinea Mosaic

In what could arguably be considered a riff on the restaurant’s famous dish pheasant, shallot, cider, burning oak leaves, intended to evoke both the flavors and aromas of autumn, the Alinea team have done it for the holidays. Presenting Christmas Goose, in which a tempura’d cube of goose meat, armagnac-soaked prune puree, and a stuffing featuring fennel and goose confit is skewered on a sprig of juniper. In the words of Alinea chef Christian Seel, “in a single bite you experience the traditional flavors and smell of the season.” We’re assuming this made up some of the 2117 courses the restaurant served this past Saturday alone. [Alinea Mosaic; @GAchatz]